Our Rosarium

A magical place in the heart of the city of mountains and roses

Our Rosarium

A retreat for rose lovers

A sea of millions of rose blossoms - even the first glance puts a smile on the face of the many rose lovers, breeders and experts from all over the world who visit our Europa-Rosarium every year. The largest rose collection inspires - also with impressive figures: more than 8,600 different rose varieties and species, about 80,000 rose bushes and many other woody plants, a lush 13 hectares! There is plenty of space here: for rest and relaxation, for our rose cultivation, for scientific work, for festivals and events, for fun and games. And it is no longer the turbulent flowering season that attracts our visitors to the Rosarium: The park is a true discovery at any time of year!


europa rosarium sangerhausen gelaendeansicht

What is where?

You can find all locations and experience areas in our detailed map: