The sponsors of the Europa-Rosarium

The Europa-Rosarium is an institution of the town of Sangerhausen. In addition, there are institutions, rose-growing companies and numerous committed private individuals who are closely associated with and support the Rosarium.

German Rose Society e. V.

The German Rose Society and the Rosarium are linked by a long tradition. It goes back to the Verein Deutscher Rosenfreunde (VDR), founded in 1883. In 1903, the VDR established the Vereinsrosarium in Sangerhausen, today's Europa-Rosarium.
The current German Rose Society is a forum for rose lovers that offers extensive information and activities about the rose.

GRF-Stiftung Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

To support the Rosarium in maintaining the collection and especially to revive the tradition of rose research at the Sangerhausen site, the VDR Foundation Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen was established in 1995, now GRF Foundation Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen.
Since its existence, the foundation has realised numerous great projects. The most significant was certainly the model project "Exemplary recording and characterisation of the genetic resources of ornamental plants based on the rose - establishment of a gene bank network for the rose" in the years 2004 to 2007. This laid one of the foundations for the recognition as the "German Gene Bank Rose" in 2009.

Friends of the Rosarium" Association

Without the active support of the Friends of the Rosarium, the daily work at the Rosarium would be almost impossible. The Friends of the Rosarium, founded in 1992, has set itself the task of supporting selected projects of the Rosarium both ideally and materially. The funds donated are used almost exclusively for the care of the roses and thus for the preservation of the assortment.
The rose sponsorships are a particularly successful campaign for rose lovers. Here it is possible to take over an annual sponsorship for the respective rose favourites. These relatively small amounts are also invested directly in the rose collection.