Rose of the year

Rose of the Year 2021: "Summer of Love

Rose of the Year 2021:

It is a richly flowering rose, which plays a special role in the garden. The flowers are yellow-red and appear in large numbers from June to October. The rose has a bushy, branched growth and reaches a height of about 80 centimeters.
With the right companions at her side, the queen of flowers comes into its own.

Rose of the year 2020: "Mme. Boll" ( breeder Boll, 1859)

Rose of the year 2020:

This multi-blooming historical rose develops a very strong aromatic fragrance, typical of old rose varieties.
The large double flowers show a strong pink in the center of the flower to a pale pink at the edge of the flowers.
The rose grows bushy, reaching about 100 to 150 centimeters in height, and blooms profusely until deep into the fall.
This historic rose is not only pretty to look at, but is also well suited for culinary use.


Image: © NIRP International

Rose of the year 2019: "Broceliande" (Adaterhuit) - Nirp International

Rose of the year 2019:

Multiple flowering noble rose unfolds a unique play of colors of red, yellow and cream in each flower. These are strongly filled and have an incredible fragrance.
The rose is rain and heat resistant, the foliage is very resistant to diseases.
The rose grows upright bushy and grows about 100 centimeters high. It can be planted singly, in groups and in containers.


Image: © NIRP International

Rose of the Year 2018: "Countess Diana" (W. Kordes'Söhne 2012)

Rose of the Year 2018:
Several times flowering noble rose develops an intense and harmonious fragrance. Flowering begins with very elegantly shaped purple buds, which turn to velvety purple-red when the flower opens. The rose grows upright and bushy. It grows between 90 to 120 centimeters in height.
The leaf health of this variety is exceptionally high. It has received the ADR predicate in 2014.

Rose of the year 2017: "Sweet Pretty" (Meilland 2005)

Rose of the year 2017:
This multiple-flowering bedding rose delights with rich blooms in a striking color contrast of pastel pink and white. It has large unfilled flowers and graceful, glossy dark green foliage.
It grows between 60 to 80 centimeters tall and blooms from June to September. It is suitable for planting in solitary position or in small group.

Rose of the Year 2016: "Sahara" (Rosen Tantau 1996)

Rose of the Year 2016:
The fragrant shrub rose convinces with lush blooms in an interesting color mixture from golden yellow to bronze red. This robust rose variety blooms several times and grows between 120 to 150 centimeters high. It can be planted in groups. It is suitable for hedge planting and also as a single shrub.


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