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History of the library of the Rosarium Sangerhausen

The Rosarium in Sangerhausen was officially opened on July 3, 1903.
In addition to the preservation and expansion of the rose collection, the Rosarium was now also a contact point for questions from rose enthusiasts from all over the world on the subject of the "rose". With the increasingly extensive collection of literature on this subject, the foundation for the rose library was laid at the same time.

When in 1935 the Central Office for Rose Research was opened under the direction of Dr. Harald von Rathlef, the stock of the library could be extended many times over with scientific contributions and publications.

After the end of World War II in 1945, the Soviet occupation forces shipped a large part of the now extensive library, catalog collection, and other research materials to the then Soviet Union as reparations. All efforts to retrieve some of the lost holdings were unsuccessful.

With the opening of the "New German Rose Library", we are pleased to be able to continuously expand the existing stock of literature and to provide all interested rose lovers with an insight into the diversity of literature on roses.

The library is a reference library.
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