Wild roses: a real treasure

Wild roses: a real treasure

Wild roses are plants that arise freely in nature without human intervention. They are therefore species. About 130 to 250 different species of the genus Rosa exist worldwide.
Most wild roses have single flowers and 5 petals. About 100 species can be discovered in the Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen, as well as their descendants and varieties. In total, 500 different wild roses can be viewed at Us. This makes the collection the most extensive of its kind in the world.

The diversity of our garden roses today is enormous and has its origins in the beautiful wild roses that have been around for 12 to 15 million years. Because many wild roses grow very tall and wide and bloom only once, they are often disdained as garden plants - wrongly! They have great ecological importance and bloom well before the many cultivated varieties, and often for quite a long time. The robust wild roses can form great privacy hedges, provide food, shelter and habitat for many animals and also form their sometimes extraordinary rose hips in autumn. This makes them attractive garden plants in suitable locations.

The Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen has made it its business to study the diversity of the Rosa genus and to show it to its visitors. It is therefore worthwhile to dive into the fascinating world of the blooming wild roses early in the year. They are a real treasure of nature!


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